5 Exciting attractions in Barbados that are must visit while on your vacation

Devoid of any doubt, Barbados is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the people all around the world and the popularity is on the rise. At present, Barbados receives millions of tourists every fall and tourism has become the backbone of the country’s economy. But why this small island is receiving so much of popularity in recent years? It is because of its being a package of everything that makes a tourist have their best holidays. One can enjoy their holiday at Barbados by booking houses for rent in Barbados which come with all the necessary amenities.

Barbados is a small island country located in the Lesser Antilles. It falls into the Carribean region of North America and is filled with gorgeous beaches, attractive sightseeing places, rich history, great food and what not. Often referred to as the “Little Britain,” Barbados still have large British influence. There are so much to see and experience in the small island that you may get confused about what place to pick and what to leave. So, we are sharing a list of exciting attractions in Barbados that are must to visit and important in comparison of other attractions.

  • Bathsheba

The small fishing town of Bathsheba is located on the rocky surface of the East Coast in Barbados. It is mainly famous for it’s out of the world views of spectacular beaches and amazing local food. The white sandy beaches lying away from the hustle-bustle and chaotic life of the city is something that will soothe your soul. One can escape to this small town and spend a perfect holiday amongst the silence mixed with a picture-perfect backdrop of beaches. The beaches are not only famous for tourists and despite being born there, locals too spend their weekends at these beaches. One can spot dolphins and whales playing.

The most popular attractions of Bathsheba are the cotton tower and flower forest which presents scenery that can only be best described as a scene coming out a poet’s imagination. Many describe the beauty of these places is the views from Scotland. The tropical forest is located on the outskirts of the small town is spread on an area of 85 acres. The white woods, mahogany trees, and palm trees double the beauty of this forest.

  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados is in the possession of the natural wonders and the best part is that the small country has been able to keep these nature’s gifts in their natural forms. The wildlife reserve of the country is spread across in 4 acres of area and the unique part about this reserve is that you can move freely amongst the animals and feed them. Animals are not caged or made to live in certain circumstances and they rather enjoy their natural environment.

Some of the animals that live here include red-footed tortoise, Cuban rock iguana, red-brockets, Patagonian maras and others. Other than these animals, you can also spot many reptiles there and the snake collection of the reserve is something to appreciate.

  • Crane Beach

Speaking of best places to visit in Barbados and not discussing beaches is simply not done. One of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Barbados is Crane Beach. The pink coral sand makes the beach look stunning and once it was a place for landing boats where cargos were unloaded. At present, the beach receives a lot of tourist for its mesmerizing beauty.

Tourists can take a trip on the water and can opt for cruising on ships or boats. Surfing too is a common activity that can be experienced here. If you are not into experiencing any sort of water activities, then you can simply enjoy the sunbathing along with enjoying the stunning view the beach offers. There are many hotels located near the beaches where you can enjoy the local cuisine. The Crane, earlier known as the Crane Beach Hotel, is one of the oldest hotels in the country.

  • Parliament Building, Bridgetown

Parliament Building located in Bridgetown is one of the most important attractions in Barbados. The building is otherwise known as the “Public Building,” and is bordered by National Heroes Square. The attraction is comprised of two structures, both following the neo-gothic-architecture. The place has now been announced as UNESCO protected properties.

Both the structures are made out of coral limestone in the year 1870 to 1874. The building on the east side features the Senate and House of Assembly and stained glass windows that reflect British Monarch. The west side building which is comparatively new features the National Heroes Gallery, the clock tower, and the Museum of Parliament. At this building, you can learn about the island history and how the country was established, the changes that evolved till Independence.

  • Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s cave is a crystallized limestone cavern and features a lot of natural wonders like waterfalls, streams, deep pools, and cascades. On reaching there, you will be shown an educational film following a half kilometer route through an electric tram. You will take halts to all the attractions one by one. The entire path is enlightened with stalactites.

These are 5 exciting tourist attractions that every tourist must visit while on their tour to Barbados. These places have played an important part in the journey of Barbados from the initial days to the present time. The beauty of Barbados is indeed something to cherish forever, but for that, you will have to plan a trip first.

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